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We love showing off the brands we've helped and the stories about how we did it. After all, our work really isn't about us, it's about the success of our clients.

The Work.

HD Air Radio Ad
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Trained and Trustworthy

HD Air

When they came to Wheelhouse, Hurley & David (HD AIR) was a little-known HVAC company with sales under $1 million annually. 

Fast forward a few years later, and HD AIR was a major market player with over $15 million in annual sales. The reason? Wheelhouse’s expertise building strong brands and activating those brands with our Agile Strategy.

First, we showed HD AIR the power of leading with brand, something 99% of HVAC marketers fail to do. Working together with company leadership, we crafted a brand position focused on trust and safety. We crafted messaging that championed HD AIR’s philosophy of quality. We designed and deployed a new website. We optimized SEO. All of which connected with customers and led to quarter-over-quarter business growth. 

The bottom line
To this day, HD AIR leverages the “Trained and Trustworthy” brand strength and continues to realize exponential growth. It’s honest positioning leading to honestly incredible results.

HD-Air Radio Ad
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Aerospace and defense markets all have a common denominator: there’s no room for error in every product and every system in their business. In other words, everything they do is mission critical.

For EBAD, Wheelhouse focused the organization’s marketing around this thinking under the banner of “Right for your mission.” The impact was both immediate and positive. 


Our brand strategy aligned Marketing Teams and Product Managers on a consistent, powerful message that resonates across all audiences: Aerospace and Defense clients trust EBAD because of our high tolerance, quality controls and the uncompromising commitment from our people, who understand your mission critical needs.

The bottom line

A staggering return on investment that has driven consistent growth and marketing efficiency for nearly a decade. 

EBAD (Ensign Bickford Aerospace and Defense)

Right for your mission.