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Why work with Wheelhouse?

We make marketing strategy clear.

“Blah blah, blue ocean, blah blah, growth hacking and gamification.” Marketing strategy is too often delivered with a lot of buzzwords and cool sounding catchphrases. We hate that as much as clients do. At Wheelhouse, we’ll present your Marketing strategy, process and execution using only plain English, so you clearly understand what we’ll do, why we’ll do it, and what to expect from it.

Don’t measure the media, measure the money.

We believe that the only real measure of success is the monetary impact on your bottom line. Period. Yes, like most agencies, we love measuring data such as clicks, impressions and leads, but if it’s not translating to revenue, then we aren't doing our job.


Brand positioning isn’t everything, it's the only thing.

Today’s successful brands understand that the biggest battle they face is for top of mind position with customers. Frankly, yesterday’s successful brands understood it too. When you connect emotionally or intelligently (or both) with your customers, you win. That’s why Wheelhouse adamantly advises clients to first define a strong brand and let that drive everything else we do. 


Values matter.

To us, values, integrity and candor are in our DNA. We ask clients to demand it from us, and we expect it from our clients. The result is relationships built to achieve long term success and achieve great things together.

Our team

Jim Fitzgerald / Founder and president

Our fearless leader. Ever since Jim read the legendary book "Positioning: the battle for your mind," he has been on a personal, torrential mission to help brands better understand how to reach and influence their customers.

Mike Callini / CDO

Mike is our resident outside the box thinker and a full-scope digital, traditional and broadcast media Marketer. He’s as passionate about client success as he is about Ghostbusters and both Celtics and Red Sox history (ask him how he became a Fenway tour guide).

Neal Roberts / Creative Director

Neal comes to Wheelhouse after a 10-year stint as global Creative Director at Gogo. He's the driving force behind the concept and copy direction for all brand, campaign and content initiatives. 

Maya Whitman/ Design Director

Maya has more than 20 years of experience crafting designs for clients across the spectrum of business types. She's a magician with a mouse – whether the scope is a logo or an enterprise website.

Alexandra Neves Puffer / Digital Marketing Director

Alexandra has 12+ years of marketing, communications and reputation management experience. By tightly weaving the methods, madness and magic of digital marketing, she gracefully stewards the strategies, stories, and experiences of brands across many sectors.

Nagham Hilly / Chief Growth Officer

In a word - savvy. Having honed her marketing leadership skills at iconic brands like Condé Nast (Vogue, W, Wired, and more) and IBM Watson Marketing, Nagham brings extensive organizational, developmental, and results-driven focus to Wheelhouse. She sets our team up for success, so our team can do the same for our client’s brands.

We're a full-service Marketing agency that's not full of itself. Everyone on our Leadership team embodies our belief in skill, passion and ethic.

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